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July 29 2012


Your Wish Is Your Command and Empower Network

Your wish is your command - I am creating this article because I would like to show the similarities of the 14 CD program Your Wish Is Your Command created by Kevin Trudeau and also the basic lessons of the Empower Network created by Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe. Ichose the Empower Network as a blogging vehicle because the content inside your Wish Can be your Command emphasizes what is being taught inside the training that David Wood and David Sharpe are presenting people who have. By using both of these things together you can study to manifest all of your financial desires and employ the Empower Network as the way to get what you would like. I needed engaged in YWisYC audio CD's some time before I joined the EN but I joined EN immediately once i checked out whatever they were teaching. The basis of the both creators are teaching you would be to learn to be do and have everything you want out of life. Should you abide by the coreconcepts of the Empower Network and tune in to a inspirational

Your wish is your command - audio daily by just hearing Your Wish Is the Command you will end up absorbing that basic need. The Empower Network as well as your Wish Is the Command both recommend one to tune in to audios on the daily basis. EN also has an Empower Hour where they provide you by having an hour long audio to engage in and YWisYC has over 14 hours of powerful lessons concerning how to put to use the law of attraction being do or have anything you would like in life . The EN and YWisYC are also similar for the reason that both presenters advise one to continue reading a consistent basis. YWisYC also suggests to you a list of 14 books that you should begin with plus they even recommend what order you

should read these books for the fastest. Either of these programs also recommend one to frequent events with similar minded people to elevatebusiness energy in life. Empower Network even has periodical events that you can frequent all over the United States that are designed to elevate your time and obtain you and also inspire you to

create success in your own life. These events are educational and also coach you on to take part within the giving and receiving of recognition which is a very powerful and efficient way to increase your positive energy and help you to definitely bring to you the things you desire by using what the law states of attraction. Wouldn't know where to start to place a monetary value on both of these awesome programs no one is able that you won't benefit by taking part in either or both these programs they were created to change your life in a positive way.

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Best wishes,

Terry Pierce

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